$20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MS-66 PCGS (Random)


This beautiful coin was designed by the world-famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, whose name is synonymous with the most  highly-sought-after coins. President Theodore Roosevelt asked Saint-Gaudens to design new US coins after the president was inspired by a Smithsonian exhibition of ancient coins. Roosevelt wanted a fresh line of coins that would represent the splendor of the US.

The U.S. Mint issued its first Gold coins in 1795. In 1933, when the Great Depression was at its worst, Roosevelt prohibited US citizens from holding Gold currency. He issued and order for all Gold coins be returned to the U.S. Treasury, where they were largely melted into Gold, then cast into Gold bars. This act changed the course of the future for all Gold currencies in the US, and made the usually “common” gold coins extremely rare.

Bring this home and allow it to shine as a focal point in your collection.

  •  .9675 oz actual Gold weight
  • PCGS encapsulation authenticates and protects the condition of the coin
  • Obverse: Shows Lady Liberty striding in front of the sun’s rays, with a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left
  • Reverse: Shows a glorious bald eagle in flight with “United States of America” and “Twenty Dollars” above.
  • Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens & minted from 1907-1933
  • U.S. Mint issue from the following mints: Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco

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