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5oz Silver .999 Ultra High Relief Dragon Round


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This amazingly detailed “storytelling round” is from Monarch Precious Metals.

On the front, we see a fierce viking warrior with an angry dragon in the distance.  On the back, we see that the viking warrior and his men are holding a newly hatched baby dragon captive as they prepare to fight the mother dragon coming to the rescue of her babies. We are siding with the dragon on this one.

Each round is about 2.125 inches in diameter and is 0.375 inches at its thickest point.  The weight, purity, and Monarch crown logo are on the back.

As if it wasn’t cool enough as-is, each round comes in a custom solid walnut display box with rare earth magnet closure and hidden hinges.  The Monarch crown logo is branded into the lower right corner of the front of the box.

5oz of pure awesomeness!



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