8R (1621-30) MO MEXICO PHILIP IV Spice Islands Shipwreck Coin NGC


These coins are genuine, and slabbed by NGC.

The info card (included with each coin) states:

“The Spice Islands are a small group of islands
to the northeast of Indonesia, between
Celebes and New Guinea. The remains of an
unknown vessel, perhaps a merchant or pirate
ship, were discovered and contained several
chests of 8 Reales. The 8 Reales were minted
in the New World mints of Mexico City,
Mexico and Potosi, Bolivia during the reign of
Philip IV of Spain. These coins have been
professionally preserved to maximize their
historic beauty after having spent almost 400
years on the ocean floor.”

There are several these available, and your coin may be slightly different from the ones shown. Photos are for example purposes only. 

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