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Individual Silver Peace Dollars 1921-1935 (Random Date)


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1921 – 1935 Silver Peace Dollars 

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Silver Dollar Peace Dollars $1 Face Value Coin History:

The Peace Silver Dollar was minted from 1921-1928 and from 1934-1935.  The art of the design was from a contest to commemorate and celebrate the end of World War I.

Peace Silver Dollar Coin:

  • Minted between 1921-1928 and again 1934-1935
  • Face Value $1
  • Content 0.7734 troy ounce silver
  • Obverse: Shows the artwork of Anthony de Francisci, a contest winner, who designed the coin after WWI.  His wife was the model for the coin.
  • Reverse: Shows the American Eagle resting on an olive branch over the word “Peace.”

Condition varies slightly from images shown. Toning or wear may be present. Random year 1922-1935 given. 


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